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  • Interceptor Binary Indicator
  • Interceptor Forex Indicator
  • Reversal Trend Indicator
  • UltimateFX Signal Chart Indicator
  • UltimateFX V.21 Indicator
  • Ultimate Signal Indicator
  • Ultimate RSI Bars
  • Professional Arrow Indicator
  • Ultimate Stoch Oscillator
  • Ultimate Trend Indicator
  • Forex Grail v3.4
  • SniperX 1.4
  • Diamond Power Trend
  • Golden Trend
  • Options Ebook & Strategies
  • Traders Secret Code
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  • Other MT4 & MT5 Indicators
  • Additional 500MB of Expert Advisors, Indicators, IQ Option Strategy, and more

Things to Know

Risk Management

Trading on the Forex is not easy and will probably lose all your money. Despite this, several traders are still able to make profitable returns consistently. 

The strategy behind Forex is self-discipline. The secret of how professional traders making money is by using “Indicator.” That’s why trading Forex, IQ Option / IQ Options, & other trading platform is just an easy game for the most successful traders.

Trading as Business

The important thing to pursue success in trading is to approach it as a business. A successful trading business requires a strategic plan that embraces your actual business and your substantive trading. Planning is the key for every trader that desires to become an expert in the market. The best thing to do is to start reading articles, strategies, and a mindset with the full potential of your trading plan.

Self Discipline

Discipline is most important aspect in trading. The market itself is not consistent and drives traders to a losing trade or position. Providing a stop loss and take profit is a must. Don’t overcome emotions and greediness and be patient and stick to main strategy. Do the best methodology, and if the trades are profitable, stick to it. If not, then choose other strategies.