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“Only 2 Indicators on OTC Market” 

How to use Pocket Option 15 Seconds Strategy

Okay, in this Pocket Option strategy, I utilized only two indicators for trading 15 seconds duration. To achieve success and obtain good trading results. The first indicator I have used is the Super Trend Indicator.

The Super Trend Indicator helps a great deal in long-term and short-term trading. I have always utilized the indicator to pinpoint the best spot to place my best bet for each trade I made.

I tried this setting to achieve the best results in 15 seconds of duration.

Super Trend 15 Seconds Trading
ATR Period - 12 | Multiplier - 2

The second indicator we’ll use in the 15 seconds duration strategy is the Williams Percentage Range.

I’m aware that many oscillators are better than Williams %R, but I’ve tried various indicators for trading. I like using it for trading with a concise duration. Contrary to RSI, the CCI is the best indicator for trading on a 5 minutes to 4 hours of timeframe.

Okay, here are how to set the parameters for Williams %R.

Binary Options Strategy
Williams %R Period - 12

Trading Results for the 15 Seconds Strategy

We all know that only a handful of traders are able to make this strategy work. We also make sure that you trade during profitable hours. What is the best time to trade? What Currency pairs work best? How do you maintain excellent trading outcomes?

It’s a great opportunity to practice on a demo account before trading with the real account. It is better to remain focused and keep track of your recent trades daily to be able to analyze and learn from the mistakes you made and how they occurred.

Here are my results by using the strategy. 

Pocket Option 15 Seconds Results

How long does Pocket Option withdrawal take?

The withdrawal process for a Pocket Option Broker requires traders to confirm/verify their accounts. Follow the onscreen directions of the Pocket Option Platform for making a withdrawal request. It is based on what type of account you have. It can also differ based on the country you’re from. You can also ask with their Pocket Option Support.

Is pocket option regulated in the US?

Pocket Option claims it is under the supervision of the International Financial Market Relations Regulation Center (IFMRRC), which has no official regulator.

is pocket option a scam?

Pocket Option is a regulated Binary Options Broker and its way more than 5 years in the industry you may refer on this link :

Alternative Strategy for Pocket Option

There are many alternative strategies with the Pocket Option. You can see our Trading Strategies. Some of them were using Premium Trading Indicators, and most of them were free.

There are a variety of various trading strategies that could be utilized to create a Pocket Option. Some prefer using the process of technical analysis to understand the way in which markets are reacting to certain prices and movements, and others prefer simple ratios of open or close to take advantage of opportunities. In the end, it’s important to determine the best strategy that is suited to your specific personal and professional objectives.

Trading Results for the 15 Seconds Strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot decide on which broker is better than Pocket Option. You can also check their reviews over the internet on which broker is the best.

It is kind of trading in which the trader is able to buy and sell options within a the duration of a duration. This is done to gain more insight into the market for options. Binary options can be either upwards or down, which means they can be viewed as an option that can be viewed as a binary choice with two options that are either positive or negative.

IQ Option is one of the considerable relied brokers across the globe. IQ Option has provided our customers with top-quality options and trading services for over ten years. Their products are secure, efficient, lucrative, and easy to use. IQ Option is perfect for busy traders that want to earn their income.

IQ Option is a broker offering its customers the most effective strategies and options over the years. This firm offers a vast range of services that can be found on its website. The company has a vast understanding of the options market and is among the top trusted brokers. IQ Option also offers a range of services designed to assist clients achieve success with Options Trading. They offer support personnel who are accessible at all hours of the day, live chat, and online resources that will help you in learning options trading.

Binary option is not a scam. Binary options can be registered on reputable exchanges and traded on DCMs, which are subject to supervision by the CFTC and SEC. It can’t possibly be a scam. Some new brokers claim to be able to create a Binary Trading Platform. Once you have deposited them, they disappear like a bubble.

Binary options are a simple financial instrument. It can also be profitable. Binary options can also be traded in stocks, commodities, forex, and other currencies.

The trade details include the price, payout, expiration dates, and risk. The trader then decides whether the price will rise or fall within the timeframe. The trader will be paid a fixed rate or a payout if they get it right. A wrong trading prediction can lead to the loss of your investment.
Ensure that you only invest with reputable brokers

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