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There are a number of different market trend strategies that can be used to trade in pocket option broker. Some of these include the use of the Schaff Trend Cycle and the Momentum. We traded it for almost a week and backtested it to find the best-performing method for our strategy. Additionally, it is important to have a risk management system in order to maximize profits.

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Pocket Option Winning Trick

Pocket Option with our trading strategies is a great way that will help you win all the time. By using our trading method, you will be able to make more profits than most traders do. You will also have less risk and be able to get away with amazing results

Our winning trick is by having our candle stick pattern, which is available for our members. Master every trading candle and become successful in every trade.

We use two minutes for this trading strategy. As we will have to filter both momentum and the Schaff Trend Cycle. Take time to analyze first the trend, then how the momentum fluctuates. While the Trend Cycle is at the maximum support/resistance level.

Whats the purpose of Schaff Trend and Momentum in Pocket Option Trading

15 minutes timeframe is good in our trading strategy. We used to trade for 2 minutes  and have the best result for our trading data’s.

Profitable Indicator Settings

We got our first trading indicator. The momentum identifies when the market price is going up or going down. Momentum measures the change of rate based on its market prices. 

– Momentum 10

Momentum Indicator Settings

Our second indicator will be the Schaff Trend Cycle indicator which provides us with full flexibility in our strategy. Schaff Trend Cycle identifies current future price changes and it is ideal to have this indicator when dealing with trends.

– Fast Length – 23
– Slow Length – 50
– Cycle Length – 10
– %D (MACD) Length – 3
– %D (PF) Length – 3

Schaff Trend CYcle

Easy Trend Secret - Pocket Option

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