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Highly Profitable Scalping Indicator Strategy – Free Trading Setup

In this context, I’ll show you one of the best scalping indicator trading methods that is free! we have a highly profitable buy-and-sell trading strategy. This strategy is for you if you’re looking for a reliable trading view indicator that works 100%.

Our trading method works well on, Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrency, showing good results on lower time frames. Learn how to identify trading setups, when to enter trades in the market, set profit targets, stop loss, and see examples across different markets to start making consistent profits.

Trading Tools Needed For Scalping Indicator Strategy

Trading Setup

  • EMA Trend Filter Indicator Settings:

    • MA Long: 21
    • MA Mid: 13
    • MA Short: 6
  • EMA Scalping Indicator Settings:

    • Look Back: 27
    • EMA Input: 4
    • Look Back HL: 2

Binary Options Strategy

Now that the setup is ready, we can now trade and use our trading setup. The EMA Trend indicator will give us trading alert signals for both sell and buy positions based on candle formations and indicator lines.

  • Sell Signal:

    • EMA Trend Indicator: Sell signal with a red line
    • EMA Scalping Indicator: Red line with a bearish candle
    • Place a sell order with stop loss at the previous high, maintaining a risk-reward ratio of 1:15
  • Buy Signal:

    • EMA Trend Indicator: Buy signal with a green line
    • EMA Scalping Indicator: Green line with a bullish candle
    • Place a buy order with stop loss at the previous low, maintaining a risk-reward ratio of 1:15


By following this strategy, you can make profitable trades consistently. Don’t worry if you encounter losses; it’s part of trading. Remember, this strategy works effectively in various market conditions.

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