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ATR Trading Indicator - IQ Option Advance Trading Method

Most Binary Traders use trailing stops to improve their trading efficiency. A trailing stop is a measure taken by a trader on how to control the amount of volume of the chart. Some traders utilizing indicators will likely consider the ATR Trailing Stop as one of the most popular trading indicators used to lessen trading loss over time. This is due to its feature or ability to provide detailed information on market conditions in each asset, which can be used in order to have better trading decisions in the market.

ATR Trailing Stop with Green and Red Lines

How the strategy works?

We have optimized the trading capability of the indicator to provide success for our beloved traders who are willing to make money and have great success in the future.

First of all, thanks to one of our trading experts who shared his expertise trading in IQ Option with great achievement. He used these market trading decisions as part of his daily trading weapon. 

  • Charting – Having the best chart settings comes with great trading profitability.
15 seconds candle time

We used the 15 seconds candle time period on this strategy to provide full details on the most crucial behavior of the market on most recent bars. It is the time between 5 and 30 seconds that is sufficient in having the best market price data.

  • Timeframe – it is the number of timeframe per chart frame. 
ATR Time Frame 15 minutes

15 minutes timeframe is good, we used the 5m and 2m but most of our trades went losses, but not too much. With 15 minutes, will definitely get you out for 60% chance. With additional indicators to add up to the chart.

Advance ATR Trailing Stop - Settings

This setting is good for the 1-minute trading strategy for our IQ Option ATR Advance Trading. The free version of the ATR only scans short-term trends and has minimal trading support for the strategy.

– Period – 16
– Multiplier – 2
– HighLow – Enabled

The Basic ATR Trailing Stops Settings 2023

Advance ATR Trailing Stops Script – IQ Option: (Only member can download the Advance ATR Script for IQ Option)

Advance ATR Trailing Stops

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