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IQ Option Live Trading – Real Account

We will tackle on how to utilize the IQ Option platform and the Dream-X indicator. This strategy will help you identify potential trends and possible reversals in every currency pair, giving you an advantage in the market.

IQ Option QStick and Hi Low Bands Indicator

Before diving into the strategy, let’s take a moment to understand the key indicators involved:

  1. Qstick Indicator: This indicator generates waves of trends based on its parameters. It is a technical analysis tool that identifies trends based on a price chart. By calculating the difference between the opening and closing prices, the Qstick indicator provides valuable insights into market trends. QStick Settings: QStick Period – 9
  2. Hi Low Bands Indicator: The high low bands generate a purple line that serves as our main reference point for trend shifts. By closely monitoring this line, we can determine when the trend is about to change direction. Hi-Low Bands Settings: Hi-Low Bands Settings- Period 10, Percent Shift 0.1, Source Close

IQ Option 15 Seconds Candle Bar Strategy

First of all, make sure to find good currencies with non-trendy or without colored lines (DreamX), as these tend to offer better trading opportunities.

Here how to trade with the strategy:

  1. Assessing the Trend: Observe the trend of the currency pair in Metatrader IV (Dream X) if it is in the average level (non colored line).
  2. Analyzing the Indicators: Check if the hi-low band’s indicator is trending upward or downward, while the Qstick indicator is close beyond its middle line (going up/going down). These signals suggest that the trend might go for a reversal.
  3. Placing the Trade: Wait for the candle bar reaching the hi-low bands and the Qstick indicator’s period line to go beyond the middle line. Once these conditions are met, its the best to execute a trade.

Remember, this strategy has a high chance of success when combined with the DreamX indicator. Therefore, it is essential to utilize both indicators in your trading decisions.

IQ Option Qstick and Hilow Bands

IQ Option Winning Opportunities with 1 Minute Trading

Trading involves risk. It’s important to remember that losses are part of the game, and it’s crucial to learn from them and continuously improve your trading skills.


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We hope you found this trading strategy insightful! If you’re interested in learning more proven trading strategies, Make sure to follow us for future updates. 

Remember, successful trading requires practice, patience, and continuous learning. With dedication and the right strategies in place, you can enhance your trading skills and achieve your financial goals. Happy trading!

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