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What is IQ Option Tournament?

IQ Option tournament is a competition between traders and you must invest in a tournament for a small amount of fee. Each trader acquires a live tournament account with the amount of money to be traded (depending on the tournament you joined).

You can choose from different assets and trade in with your tournament funds. The winner will be the trader who tops the tournament with the most money in the tournament account. 

Here are more details regarding on IQ Option Tournament: Tournament Guide

Tournament VIP Account

The Best Trading Strategy for IQ Option Tournament

There are numerous awesome techniques for trading IQ Option Tournament, but I find the easiest and the best strategy to compete traders on Tournaments treat. That’s why it’s important to experiment with different trading techniques to conquer the tournament and become the rewarding top competitor. 

Here is a strategy that works well for most beginners, and let’s test the technique for a profitable outcome. 

First, we have to include one of the most popular indicators:

Bollinger Band

Bollinger Bands assists us in finding profitable trading chances on any market conditions. Bollinger Bands is an indicator that uses Fibonacci Retracements and Moving Averages to measure the trend of prices over time. This indicator can be used to identify and spot trending reversals and so patterns in market prices and can help us make better trading decisions.

Bollinger Bands is a beneficial instrument when it comes to locating possibilities for a reversal, as it can provide good trading insights into where prices are headed.

Here are the parameter settings for our strategy:

Period: 12 
Standard Deviation: 12.5

Bollinger Bands Settings

Our second trading indicator to be used is the Demarker


Demarker is a powerful trading indicator for finding trading opportunities. Analyzing recent market data and using cutting-edge algorithms helps us find setups and signals detected from Support and Resistance Bands that will help us make profitable trading entries.

IQ Option Demarker Settings

Demarker. parameter settings 

Period – 13
Overbought – 80
Oversold – 20


And also the Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity


IQ Option Center of Gravity

Three Indicators to Succeed the Tournament

With the right tools and strategies trading with IQ Option, you can make some of the best strategies in order for you to win on IQ Option Tournament. By using these three indicators, you can see which direction the market is moving, whether it’s going uptrend or downtrend. These trading indicators are leading to higher profits.

Risk Management and Rebuy Strategy

Trading IQ Option on Tournament is a little bit risky but an affordable way to practice yourself for a semi-live account. If you do not have the best money management skills, it is advised that you must know how and what the tips are for having the right money management. 

Trading IQ Option involves taking risks, and if you do not know how to manage them, you may end up losing your money. This is why it is essential to have the best money management skills to trade this platform successfully.

You might be able to replenish your tournament balance by paying your entry fee again with real money in some tournaments. When you click “Rebuy” next to your starting balance, for instance, if a tournament enables rebuys and your starting balance is $100, your tournament balance will increase to $200.

If your current balance and profit from open positions are less than your beginning balance, you are permitted an unlimited amount of rebuys during the tournament. You can rebuy once at the start of the event. Rebuy amounts are totaled and added to the prize pool for the competition.

Some of the successful premium indicators in ultimatefxtools trading with Tournament are:

Binary Sniper Pro
Binary FX Pro

Ultimatefxtools Main Indicators: Ultimate Signal Indicator, Ultimate Trend Indicator, and Ultimate Stoch Oscillator

IQ Option Tournament Account

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