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Pocket Option New Strategy 2023

2 Way Oscillator Combination

The combination of these two trading indicators will give you a more complete trading strategy intended for binary options trading. This could include two important trading indicators, the Bollinger Bands Width and the Williams Percentage Range. We used the strategy to know how to spot good opportunities, to know the support and resistance levels, as well as market trends that are most likely to make a reverse on its trend.
Bollinger Bands width is used to trade 1 minute duration time. Bollinger bands width is a tool that is used to measure the volatility of price data and it can be used to determine when a market is getting too saturated. The bandwidth of each band measures how wide a frequency distribution of market price differs, which really helps us find areas where there are more potential aspects for price movements.
When it comes to Binary trading, Bollinger Bands width can help you better predict the price action that will occur in the market.

How to use Bollinger Bands Width

In order to use the Bollinger Bands width in our strategy. We need another trading oscillator which is the WPR or Williams Percentage Range. As these two trading oscillators really create a new way of how to spot trends even in busy markets.  When it comes to market position, Bollinger bands width is one of the most important factors that a company must take into account.

Bollinger bands width is used to measure how wide a band of prices moves in a specific period of time. This will be helpful in our strategy with the combination of the Williams Percentage Range, as these two indicators focus on the support or resistance of the market.  Additionally, Bollinger bands width can help you know whether or not you’re at risk of positioning a trade and can also provide you with some valuable insights into your opened trades.

Finding Good Position to Trade

First, we need to set our Cande time period to 30 seconds to make our strategy successful. You need to find good trading currency pair to trade with. Scan first the market chart then if you were able to find out uptrending or downtrending candle bars, then it is the best spot to trade on that currency.


Easy way to trade with Pocket Option WPR and Bollinger Width

Filtering each Oscillator for successful trade

As you can see in the chart, there are 3 major identifiers that can help us win our trade, over any trading situation. Here is the list of sequencing our trading identifier or oscillators:

  • Long Downtrend / Long Uptrend –  make sure to focus on this identifier first before checking the next status of our oscillators
  • Williams Percentage Range – checking it if it is on its maximum resistance or support level.
  • Bollinger Bands Width – If the line is more wider or not in the center, then it is the best spot to trade.
Reason Quickler Trading - Stochastic RSI - 5 Seconds Setup
Quickler Stochastic RSI
Olymp Trade QuicStochastic RSI - Period of 2

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