Most Effective 1 Minute Strategy

The Most Effective 1 Minute Binary Options Strategy

“Effective 1 Minute Strategy”
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“Binary Options Strategy”

Powerful Pocket Option Strategy

We will be trading Pocket Option and show you a simple trading strategy. This strategy is based on trend confirmation and utilizes two indicators: Parabolic SAR and Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD).

The strategy is designed for short-term trading, specifically using 1-minute or 30-second candle time frames. It focuses on identifying strong trends and confirming their validity before entering a trade.

Indicator Settings

  1. Parabolic SAR: The acceleration factor should be set to 0.02, and the maximum acceleration should be set to 0.2. The indicator will appear as green dots below the price chart when a downtrend is detected and above the price chart when an uptrend is detected.

  2. MACD: Set the MACD indicator to the following parameters:

    • Fast Period: 12
    • Slow Period: 26
    • Signal Period: 9


Trade Entry and Confirmation

To enter a trade, you need to ensure that both indicators provide strong confirmation of the trend direction.

  1. Parabolic SAR Confirmation: Look for at least four consecutive dots in the Parabolic SAR indicator to confirm a strong trend. For example, if you see four dots forming below the price chart, it indicates a strong uptrend, and if you see four dots forming above the price chart, it indicates a strong downtrend.

  2. MACD Confirmation: Check the intersection of the MACD line (Boat Line) and the signal line. If the MACD line intersects the signal line from below and starts moving upward, it confirms an uptrend. Conversely, if the MACD line intersects the signal line from above and starts moving downward, it confirms a downtrend.

Parabolic Sar and MACD Confirmations Best 1 Minute Trading Strategy Pocket Option


Placing a Trade

Once you have confirmed both indicators’ confirmations, it’s time to place the trade. Make sure to wait for a strong candlestick formation that supports the trend direction before entering a trade. A strong candlestick indicates a higher probability of the trend continuing in that direction.


Important Tips for our Binary Options Strategy

  • Timing is crucial in this strategy. Wait for the perfect moment when both Parabolic SAR and MACD meets our trading criteria and provide strong confirmation.
  • Always check the strength of the candlestick before placing a trade. A strong candlestick confirms the trend’s validity.
  • Limit your trades to highly confirmed trends. Look for at least four dots in Parabolic SAR and ensure the MACD line intersects the signal line.
  • Keep analyzing the market to identify good trading opportunities.


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