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Trading Quotex with Super Trend Indicator and Weiss Waves Volume Oscillator

We have a remarkable Quotex Trading Strategy. Look no further! Our strategy involves utilizing only the Super Trend Indicator and the Weiss Waves Volume Oscillator to achieve perfect performance, even in the OTC market. Here’s how it works:

  1. Invest Wisely: Ensure you invest an appropriate amount of money to make the most of this strategy.

  2. Monitor Weiss Waves Volume Oscillator: By observing the Weiss Waves Volume Oscillator, we can identify large waves based on previous candles, signaling potential reversals.

  3. Super Trend Indicator: Keep an eye on the Super Trend Indicator for reversal lines, indicating a shift in trend direction.

  4. Market Selection: This strategy works well in trading on the normal currency market. Avoid trendy or noisy markets for better results.

  5. Patience is Key: Trading requires patience to make perfect trades. Stick to the strategy even if it goes against the current situation.

  6. Recovery Plan: In case of losses, consider doubling down on the second trade to recover potential losses.

  7. Doubling Trades: If a trend continues to rise, it might lead to another reversal. Doubling your trade at such points can be beneficial.

  8. Consistent Application: By consistently applying this strategy’s principles, it can yield significant returns, potentially thousands of dollars a day.

  9. Chart Patterns: Familiarize yourself with market chart patterns for better decision-making.

  10. Martingale System: Visit ultimatefxtools.com or refer to the description for insights on dealing with losses and using the Martingale method for recovery.


Remember, safety first! Have at least two to three steps of Martingale for added security. This strategy, with supporting indicators, poses less risk compared to others.

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