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Winning Trading Strategy with IQ Option 

We have an incredible IQ Option winning strategy that has the potential to help you earn hundred of dollars. However, it’s crucial to remember that trading involves risks. Therefore, practicing this method in a demo account is the best way, before using it with real money


IQ Option Winning Strategy Overview

  1. Market Selection: Choose a market that exhibits a zigzag pattern. Apply the zigzag indicator with default settings to analyze potential market movements.

  2. Indicators Used:

    • Zigzag Indicator: Analyzes market trends. A blue line pointing downwards suggests a potential market rise, while a red line pointing upwards indicates a likely market decline.
    • Fractal Indicator: Identifies higher and lower points in the market, serving as a secondary indicator.
  3. Trading Setup:

    • Candle Time Period: 1 minute
    • Trade Time Period: 1 minute


IQ Option Winning Trick Trading Process

  1. Signal Identification:

    • Blue Zigzag Line: Indicates a potential market rise.
    • Red Zigzag Line: Suggests a probable market decline.
  2. Trade Execution:

    • Open trades based on signals from the zigzag indicator.
    • Confirm signals using the fractal indicator.

IQ Option Strategy – Practice and Results

  1. First Trade:

    • Signal: Blue Zigzag Line
    • Action: Trade for the upside
    • Result: Win
  2. Second Trade:

    • Signal: Blue Zigzag Line
    • Action: Trade for the upside
    • Result: Win
  3. Third Trade:

    • Signal: Red Zigzag Line
    • Action: Trade for the downside
    • Result: Win


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