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Amazing Trading Strategy with IQ Option Using Dream X Indicator

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Amazing Trading Strategy with IQ Option Using Dream X Indicator

We have the Dream X indicator that will help you find trend market positions and spot trading reversals effectively. Let’s dive into the details of this powerful trading strategy.


QStick Indicator and High Low Bands

The QStick indicator generates trend waves based on its algorithm and parameters, identifying trends using price market data. It calculates trends through moving averages and analyzes the difference between closing and opening of the market prices. On the other hand, the High Low Bands display a purple line to identify price shifts and potential reversals.


How to use it on Live Trading Chart?

When analyzing specific currency pairs, we observe that the trend of its chart is currently at an average level with a red line indicating recent price data. The High Low Band in the chart is trending upward, suggesting a possible reversal based on previous bars. Additionally, the QStick is closed within the middle line, indicating a potential trading opportunity.

IQ Option Strategy with QStick and Hi Low Bands

How to trade using HiLow Qstick with Dream X – IQ Option Strategy

To execute our strategy effectively, You should wait for the candle bar to touch the High Low Bands and the QStick to cross in the middle before taking action. This method has a high chance of success, especially when paired with the Dream X indicator.

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