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Quotex Strategy with 2 Exponential Moving Average

“Quotex Strategy with EMA”
“2 EMA Quotex Strategy”
“Best Strategy Quotex EMA”

Trading Strategies for Trading Success Using MACD and EMA Indicators

We have a proven method that incorporates specific indicators like MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) and EMA (Exponential Moving Average) to help you make profitable trades consistently.

Key Indicators for Quotex Profitable Trades


MACD serves as the main identifier to determine if the trend aligns with the moving averages. It provides valuable insights into market trends and potential reversals.

  • Fast Period: 13
  • Slow Period: 32
  • Signal Period: 12



EMA acts as our secondary indicator, pinpointing possible trend reversals in the market. By combining EMA with MACD, we can make well-informed trading decisions.

  • First EMA Period: 10
  • Second EMA Period: 40


How to use the Strategy

  1. Chart Type: Utilize a line chart for clear visualization, focusing on MACD and the two EMAs.

  2. Trade Settings: Trade normal currencies on platforms like Quotex with a fixed amount per trade (e.g., $5).

  3. Trade Execution: Look for opportunities where the two EMAs cross, indicating potential trading positions.

  4. Binary Sniper Pro Indicator: Consider using this powerful tool to receive trading alerts for reversals or shifting trends, enhancing your decision-making process.


Optimizing Trades

  • Align your chosen currency pair in MetaTrader 4 with a one-minute candle period for precise entries and exits.

  • Monitor signals carefully, such as buy or sell alerts, to capitalize on favorable trading positions.

  • Stay vigilant for EMA crossovers and MACD movements to validate trading opportunities effectively.



By leveraging the power of MACD and EMA indicators, you can significantly improve your trading results and achieve consistent profits in the dynamic forex market. Remember to exercise caution, conduct a thorough analysis, and stay updated on market trends for successful trading outcomes.

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