Pocket Option Super Easy 5 Seconds Strategy. Best for Beginners

Super Easy 5 Seconds Binary Options Strategy

“Pocket Option Easy 5 Seconds”
“Super Easy 5 Seconds Binary Options”
“Fractal Indicator + Alligator Indicator”

Super Easy 5 Seconds Trading Strategy

We have the super easy 5 seconds Binary Options Strategy by using the Fractal Alligator strategy, combining the power of two key indicators – the Fractal and Alligator indicators.


Pocket Option Trading Strategy Setup:

  • Fractal Indicator:

    • Period: 3 (default setting)
    • Style: Default
  • Alligator Indicator:

    • Jaws Period: 15
    • Jaws Shift: 10
    • Teeth Period: 10
    • Teeth Shift: 7
    • Lips Period: 6
    • Lips Shift: 4



Identifying Trade Opportunities:

  1. Look for a Fractal arrow indicating a trend beyond its limit.
  2. Check the Alligator Indicator for precise positioning:
    • The green line touches the orange (middle) line, aiming downwards.


Trading Execution:

  • Trade duration: 5 seconds
  • Enter a trade when both indicators align with the identified trend.


Additional Tips:

  • Basic knowledge of Candlestick patterns and charting reversals is a must.
  • Finding good momentum pairs for trading success.
  • Align all three alligator lines for a smoother trade.
  • Trade when the green and orange lines are about to intersect.


Take advantage of this strategy, watch the forex markets closely, and make informed trading decisions on Pocket Option Broker. For more insights and successful trades, apply this strategy diligently. Happy trading! 📈💼

Disclaimer: Trading involves risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Always conduct thorough research before making financial decisions.

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Sydney Miney
Sydney Miney
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Wow.. got straight WINNINGS
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thanks for this free trading strategy
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Leo Bernal
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how to download ultimatefxtools ???
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can I use this in IQ Option?
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50% trading win and lose. not recommended

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